Gareth Liddiard – Strange Tourist 2xLP


Poison City Records reissue, 2017. Originally released on ATP Recordings, 2010

“Deluxe double LP re-issue of GARETH LIDDIARD’s (The Drones / Tropical Fuck Storm) brilliant 2010 solo album! One time only pressing of 500. Comes with download code and re-worked album art by renowned collage artist Stephen Tierney.

During a rare break from touring with The Drones some 7 years ago, Liddiard headed north to a 19th century mansion outside Yass to work with producer Burke Reid (Courtney BarnettThe DronesDan Kelly) on his first solo album. The resulting ‘Strange Tourist‘ record unleashed the full kaleidoscopic vision of Liddiard’s rustic balladry and searingly honest story telling; distinctly dark Australian tales that drip with sordid details and beautifully imagined characters.”

“Gareth Liddiard is a novelist who just doesn’t know it yet; a writer for whom landscapes, both internal and external, provide the grit and soul for a kind of visceral storytelling that absolutely no one else is matching at the moment.”– Bernard Zuel (SMH)

“Liddiard’s lyrical artistry pulls our human emotional entanglements apart to reveal the selves within. If you can imagine a Lucian Freud portrait as a song you are beginning to understand the scope of his artistic ambition.” – The Guardian

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