IDYLLS – The Barn LP


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Black Wire Records (BWR-17), 2017

“IDYLLS is a waterfall of dissonance, the powerful sonic oscillations between open wound and healing processes. Their abrasiveness is a meticulous ode to self-limitations and a no-wave desire to remain scattered, chronically shedding through selves and genres.

This is the sound of raw, quivering, vulnerability. Imperfect, but wholesome.

Following their heavily praised LP ‘Prayer for Terrene’ (2014) the Brisbane outfit now release their third LP ‘The Barn’ – a unique piece that reflects on beauty under bruised hope and irony. “The Barn” is a strange and imposing place; a porous and imperfect keeper of harvest and experience, observing seasons of triumph and bitter struggle. Undisclosed things happen there in the quiet – beautiful, ugly and trivial things and the barn carries this history until gradually it becomes obsolete and is replaced by something newer and better, more suited to the times.

On ‘The Barn’, the band eschew many of their previous metallic, grinding elements in favour of something all the more unnerving, an agitating sound – IDYLLS seem to relax without foregoing precisely constructed chaos. A seething, haunting & vital record that draws upon the finest elements of artists such as The Birthday Party, John Zorn, Daughters, Pissed Jeans and their ilk…brace.”