Nasho – Nasho LP


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No Patience Records, 2018

“Nopatience Records is beyond excited to present the debut full length from Sydney’s NASHO! brought together as relative strangers in 2017, their name derived from the question ‘What’s your Nasho?’, this LP is for anyone sick of being asked that question. Freaky bass grooves, ramshackle punk guitars and wild drums back up vocalist Serwah’s staunch invective; albeit squeezed through several layers of cavernous echo. This is endtime music for a welcome Armageddon. Nasho don their Gucci radiation suits – racked skillfully from the Westfield on the moon – for 9 tracks of bent and fearless hardcore. Each song lurches ghoulishly from lived experiences of colonialism to the traumatic violence of borders, pointing a smoking neon AK into the puffed chest of white supremacy. Featuring Members of ROYAL HEADACHE, BB AND THE BLIPS, and more…..”