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NGM Records, 2017

“SYDNEY CITY, AUSTRALIA…a cesspool of sterility, a city of grime and muck just painted over with a thick coat of high-gloss poxy apartments, fashionable capitalism, social marketing, upscale super-pubs, unsustainable rent hikes and designer lifestyles. There is a certain morbid, depressing, underworld like gloomy aspect that can never truly be covered up and ROBBER is the antithesis to all that makes Sydney what it has become. In these 8 tracks, you will not find any cheer, you will not find any bright spark…you will wallow in what Sydney really is; FILTH, DIRGE, SCUM and CRIME, with a layer of morbid humour. Not for mass consumption, just mass volume and disgust. Eerie desperately haphazard black metal infused hardcore punk.”

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