Talk Is Poison – Condensed Humanity: The Prank EP’s LP

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Prank Records, 2007

“Out of print for half a decade, the 7″ EP’s recorded by Oakland’s TALK IS POISON have become Cult legend among Hardcore collectors and fans, pegged as a ” modern Classic” by the FLEX punk discography, cited as an influence on many bands that followed them since their brief existence in the late 1990’s. A combination of a straight ahead hardcore attack ( William harris from Memphis’s now legendary COPOUT), dark edged, Bass driven East Bay Hardcore ( Brian Stern, Member of DEAD AND GONE and currently in LOOK BACK AND LAUGH and CALIFORNIA LOVE), Pounding, Rock solid drumming ( Jim Nastique of BLACK FORK, THE PATTERN, SUICIDE PARTY) and Heavy Low end Dark pummeling ( Grant Kasten, of ANIMAL FARM, LIVING UNDER LIES, OJOROJO, COLDBRINGER ) TALK IS POISON released 17 tracks on two 7″ EP’s ( “Straight to Hell”, “Control” ) and a Split 7″ with Memphis’s DEATHREAT all of which are collected here in a powerful re-mastered version from the original tapes. Innovative Lyrically as well as musically, delivered with the stead fast earnestness of the best of Hardcore bands.”

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