Yes I’m Leaving – Pure Joy LP


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Label: Black Wire Records
Cat#: BWR-18
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released: 18 Oct 2017
Notes: Edition of 250.

A1 Davey Bowie
A2 Down By The Sea
A3 Frust
A4 Feature
A5 Pure Joy
B1 Shake
B2 Wrong
B3 Save Yourself
B4 So?
B5 Whinger
B6 Recipe

YES I'M LEAVING are Cook, Billy and Boyer. Recorded 2016 by Kieren Martin in his basement, Castle Hill. Vocals recorded by Cook and Billy at Zen Studios, St. Peters. Mixed by Ivan Lisyak. Mastered by Carl Saff. Album cover design by Billy Burke and Talia Smith. Front and back cover photos courtesy of Heath Franco. All songs written and produced by Yes I'm Leaving. All lyrics by Billy Burke.

“The band has been charging through a trail of performances leading up to the recording session… perhaps this is why this record gives the closest emulation of us live and at full tilt. We hunkered down in a basement on the edge of Sydney’s suburban sprawl over a couple of very hot summer days, setup quickly, and let rip. No songs went beyond 3 attempts without being settled on, or put off until they felt right. A few bits were layered… but luckily no click tracks were hurt in the making of the record. A particularly noisy pile of weirdness was added to one song … I’m sure you can figure out which one. Vocals were added later at Zen Studios where the level of screaming could be well and truly baffled. Many of these songs are reworked versions of unhinged USA tour sound check condensations, subsequently reconstituted in the sanctuary of our rehearsal space for maximum effect. Other songs fell out of ‘rehearsal repetition meltdowns’, these screeching frustrations occasionally getting tamed just enough to work again at a second try. Some just seemed to exist by their own assurances, those ones are the weirdest ones. The songs are pretty direct , both lyrically and musically… either way high volume listening is suggested and encouraged.” – Billy J. Burke, Yes I’m Leaving, August 2017

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