You Beauty – Illywhacka LP

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Rice Is Nice / Bedroom Suck Records, 2016

“Illywhacka is You Beauty's second pub rock opera tracking a likely story over the course of twelve pure scorchers, a new concept album about an online scammer who falls in love with his prey. Whereas Jersey Flegg centered around a story of loved lost and found during the 1998 NRL season, this time the boys have left the footy at the park and logged on to the strange and sometimes sinister world of internet dating.

After an online romance scammer realises he's fallen in love with the woman he's ripping off, he's plunged into a digital turmoil. Is love really more than just a way to get stuff out of people? Can he win her heart after playing with his head? Or will the ultimate sentence for his crime be something far lonelier than a grey cell?

Skipping between dodgy eHarmony profiles, A Current Affair exposés and the conjugal Jayco as easily as the tunes move from shimmery pop to 90s fist pumpers and touching ballads, Illywhacka is part hairbrush singalong, part audio book with a very good soundtrack and part 3000 word dissertation on where humanity lives in the post-internet world. Mostly a) though.”

Illywhacka by You Beauty