Nightclub – Private Party LP


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Label: Urge Records
Cat#: URGE-LP02
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released: 1 Nov 2020

A1 Out & About
A2 Listen Up
A3 Secret Handshake
A4 Bad Mood / Bad Attitude
B2 Enemies
B3 Private Party
B4 Doomsday Man

“The year is 2020. You’re drinking an almond latte on Brunswick street through a medical mask on a bad come down, the worst of the decade. Popping and scratching takes over the speakers of the cafe, soon you’re invited into the Private Party. A rock ready Nightclub with honking saxophones, in-the-red guitars and cooly slick refined delivery.

Private Party is the debut LP from Melbourne’s Nightclub. Eight tracks of raw rock n’ roll. Making Melbourne 2020 sound like New York 1968 ala White Light/White Heat scorching Velvet Underground. But of course there’s a lot more going on here because it’s been 50 years since Lou Reed sang he was searching for his mainline. Members share duties in many of Melbournes scene in between; Bitch Perfect, Peak Twins, 58008, Terrible Truths, Fair Maiden, Parsnip, Smarts, Police Force, Thibault, Cobwebbs, Yoghurt Blood, World War Four and Deaf Wish. With drugs, booze, sex and suicide surely tripling its numbers in 2020 now more than ever we grasp onto this music we hold dearly. An excellent and profound record made for the party beyond on the kick back, the bender, a headache remedy for another shitty year recorded before they knew any better. The fire-y line on the opener “wasting my whole fucking life” couldn’t feel more potent.” – Urge Records